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Potent Brownstone Mansion Re-Lists for $2.8M in Gold Coast

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Fancy the Seven Houses on Lake Shore Drive, but prefer to leave the Drive to others? Head a couple blocks south and round the corner onto Elm and you'll find another Gilded Age manse for sale of almost equal stature. The 6/6 home has vintage aplenty with period moldings and fireplaces, formal rooms, and a grand staircase. Ceilings are rather high, bathrooms are new, and there's a deck off the custom kitchen with views of your garden. As with a fair number of Gold Coast properties, parking is available off-site. Price is the other matter. First listing in April 2010 for $4.2M, the mansion's ask dipped to $2.99M by early 2011. It left the market for nearly two years, only to return this week for $2.8M.
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