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Bored Dog Photobombs Lakeview Apartment Listing

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There are precious few strategies for drawing renters to anonymous 2-bed listings in multi-unit buildings hosted by Craigslist. Not that someone won't end up finding your place anyway but it never hurts to have a prime amenity, deep discount, or silly stunt in service of the listing. And the only thing that sells better than friendly animals is sex. So, although nobody actually gives a damn about your special bond with Rover, you may as well plaster his darling mug—free of charge—all over your listing photos. We all know who the real fame hound is here. The apartment is on the top floor of a courtyard building on Aldine near Broadway. Amenities include washer/dryer, central air, wood-burning fireplace, large kitchen, dining nook, a deck, and, naturally, a psychotic degree of pet friendliness. The ask: $1,900/month.
·Listing: 652 W Aldine Ave. [Craigslist]