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Hint: A Bucolic Fantasy Land in a Dense Industrial Quarter

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Plenty of Chicagoans grew up with exposure to this atypical park amenity, particularly those who lived in or near the Northwest Side and are at least 40 years of age. It wasn't the kind of feature that got replicated, and the inclusion of outrageously stereotyped Native American scenes wouldn't dare exist in the public realm nowadays, despite its intent as a mildly regretful commemoration of stolen lands. Built in the Depression, a contemporary critic called it "the most pretentious undertaking of its kind in the country," though today it's often cited as a lost treasure. Tied to a neighboring factory employer, neither the sedimentary rock mound, the waterfall, nor the park itself lasted much beyond the plant's ownership change. It's no longer advisable to frolic at the site. Where are we and what marks the address?
·CornerSpotter [Curbed Chicago]