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Pastel-Driven Industrial Loft Triplex Makes Waves in Lakeview

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This place has the goods, folks. A 2/2 loft at Sheffield & Diversey, the seller has ratcheted up the color palette to include pastel greens, blues, pinks, and purples. The unit's 2,400 square feet includes a gigantic double-height living room with exposed brick and industrial skylight. The master bedroom is wed to a bright blue bathroom with skylights and jacuzzi tub. And it looks like it'll be super easy to air out the secondary bathroom. Other amenities include a pair of fireplace, sauna, and a private roof deck. Briefly listing in 2011 for $450K, the ask has inched up to $460K. We're not sure if it's among "the most unique places in Chicago", but you'd still better get on it!
·Listing: 1000 W Diversey #3E [33 Realty]