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For $469K: Likely World's Fair Home For Sale in Riverside

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This darling utilitarian Riverside home claims 1933 World's Fair lineage, something we're powerless to dispute at this time so we'll tentatively accept it. Listing last month for $469K, the 2,100-sqaure-foot home packs in five bedrooms and three baths. It was indeed built in 1933, and the current owner was sensible enough to put a World's Fair poster on prominent display. There's nothing more to report. The interiors look comfortable and logical, but overall the place doesn't have the graceful angularity of this "Fair home" in River Forest, nor can it touch the Indiana Dunes' collection. It's more like those Sears catalogue homes— accessible and reproducible for the middle class. If anyone can substantiate this listing's claim, that'd be super. We haven't been able to. Tip-of-the-hat to PrairieMod and their readers.
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