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3Arts Club Building Renovation; Donating on Moving Day

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GOLD COAST— Remember when a 48-room boutique hotel was planned for the former 3Arts Club building at 1300 N Dearborn? That was some time ago. After that fell through, some genius tried housing 15,000 cremated people in the landmarked four-story building, catalogued away for "eternity in one of the ritziest neighborhoods in the city," penned Robert Channick for The Tribune. Well that sure as hell didn't happen. It's been pretty quiet for a couple years, but now the building's owner has presented a proposal to the North Dearborn Association stating an interest in a multi-million dollar renovation that would see terra cotta, masonry, and window repairs, exterior cleaning, and a full interior restoration allowing for introduction of a retail gallery space (run by Restoration Hardware), a small restaurant, and a public rooftop garden. [Curbed Inbox]

EVERYWHERE— Rent a U-Haul one size too small? It might be time to offload part of your home library. And guess what? There's a bookstore with a social mission that would love to have 'em. Open Books is a nonprofit book-selling venture operating a storefront at Franklin & Institute Place. They'll come to your home to collect any books for donation and give you a tax deduction form in return. The organization runs community programs and directs considerable resources toward local literacy. [Curbed Inbox]