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House-Atop-A-Fortress Style Makes West Town Appearance

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The single-fam house conspicuously plunked atop another building is an inane embarrassment somehow gaining currency around the globe. If it's a really expressive execution or an exhalation amid extreme urban density, that's one thing, but when it's just some random town home fused with a mismatched two-story base on a West Town dead end you have to wonder. The interiors are mellow and generic— about what you'd expect from a new-ish town home development. The huge private deck with clear-path views of downtown is the exceptional product of the home's very odd configuration (that bucket of beers is some fine staging). Because of the neighboring rail yards stretching to The Loop and the low-profile houses and industrial buildings that cluster nearby, the upper floor also hogs the nice views. And that, friends, nearly earns it a pass. New-to-market, the 1,800-square-foot three-bed is asking $439,900.
·Listing: 417 N Noble St. #8 [D'Aprile Properties]