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R. Kelly's Repossessed Suburban Manse Gets $950K At Auction

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R. Kelly recently forfeited his olympic-scale Olympia Fields estate to the bank after attempting to short sell the property over the winter. Lest you get your R. Kelly homes confused, this was not the site of the alleged (and dismissed) pee-assault. Property is the only casualty in this story. Whether or not Kelly was toying with lenders in an effort to have his loan renegotiated, things didn't go his way. Once valued at around $5M, the massive 16-room mansion on 3.7 gated acres (with "tropical" pool house) listed for just $1.6M in December in the face of a $2.9M foreclosure suit. The suit prevailed and NBC Chicago reports today that the estate has sold at auction for a piddling $950K. Craziness!
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