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Pre-Fire Victorian Beauty w/ Add-Ons Sells Fast in Gold Coast

Looks like someone has signed on to this 1866 Victorian single-fam on a stately Gold Coast block, with the prospect of bringing their "2013 design ideas". We're not sure why anyone would wanna muck up the 4/4 home's current condition, and chances are the buyer won't. The place couldn't be appointed much better, nor restored more delicately. Original details include the main staircase, pocket doors, wainscoting panels, wood moldings, and wood-burning fireplaces. Not-so-original additions include a modern kitchen (oddly merged with an office nook), pantry, New Yorker-print bathroom wallpaper, and a huge rear deck. Listing at the start of February for $2.25M the house went immediately under contract, closing this week for $2.125M.
·Listing: 105 E Bellevue Place [Coldwell Banker]