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10 For Sale Chicagoland Homes w/ Irish Pub Provisions

St. Patrick's Day is upon us. For some it can't pass soon enough, for others it offers more fantasy and release than Halloween. But in Chicago, the town with the green river and official petition to be named national headquarters of this holiday, the prideful drinking should start and end in the home. What does the job better than a convincing basement Irish pub? Here's some enablers of at-home imbibing more-or-less in line with the militaristic ra ra mentality of St. Patrick's Day. Take notes or go ahead and buy one... they're all on the market. Sláinte!

4237 W Roscoe St.
One of our personal favorites, this nicely restored Irving Park bungalow features a retro Irish-tinged basement pub with a long bar, fridge, track lighting, and abundant wood paneling. Here's hoping the seller leaves those sweet stools behind, and the adjacent lounge area intact. The ask: $294,900.

710 McHenry Rd, Wheeling
This super nice four-bed in cul-de-sac happy Wheeling is rife with "hand-picked river stone" ornament and custom wood ceilings. One such wood-clad trapping is the basement pub (cherry, we think), complete with taps, hanging glassware, pool table, kitschy adornment, and pro lighting. The ask: $600K.

11251 S Albany Ave.
This Mount Greenwood offering gives the homeowner a face-the-wall-and-down-your-pint kind of experience. But hey, at least there's enough seating for you and a couple guests. It doesn't scream Irish (anyone can sling a Guinness sign), but the area has strong roots in Irish traditions so we're giving it the nod. The ask: $229,400.

13459 S Avenue L
This spot is way, way south, basically bordering Powder Horn Lake. Quirky from top to bottom, the basement is an exclusive adult retreat with lounge, fireplace, TV, and a legit pub with special lighting, lots of liquor storage capacity, and seating for five. The ask: $234,900.

8241 W Berwyn Ave.
"Country living on the edge of the city" is how this Norwood Park four-bed is being pitched. If that's the case, there better be a fun and competent space for boozing! We can't quite tell how "Irish" it is, but, sure enough, the basement rec room includes a full custom bar complete with snazzy built-ins, large mirrors, and a cash register(?). Don't start charging your buddies, they drove all the way out to see you. The ask: $415K.

17953 Highland Ave, Tinley Park
Way out in Tinley Park on the edge of Cook County Forest Preserve is a modest three-bed home on a two-acre lot with a bewilderingly large and thorough basement Irish pub. There's seating for at least six, a flatscreen TV, handsome fireplace, and a billiards room. Cha-ching! The ask: $335K.

6249 N Legett Ave.
Now for more "city living in a country setting". This Forest Glen five-bed might be the only property on the list to extend the crisp interior finishes of its standard living areas to its basement pub. The finishes are top notch with a built-in fridge and wine closet, track lighting, cabinets, hardwood bar and stools, and pair of mounted flatscreens. The ask: $670K.

10208 S Oakley Ave.
Beverly was bound to make an appearance at some point. It had to. The anchor of Chicago's Irish population and host of its annual Irish parade, also has at least one home with an awesome full pub experience in the basement: built in booth seating, card table, pool table w/ overhanging Guinness lamp, and the requisite wet bar. The ask: $425K.

7015 N Tahoma Ave.
Another at-home watering hole of questionable Irish credentials, since a little redecorating can bring it in line we'd like to give props to the facility anyway. The full bar has a well-preserved mid-'50s vibe and, as you can plainly see, it's got the company of a serious wine cellar, pool table, and hanging fireplace. Push your way upstairs and you'll quickly see what else this Forest Glen brick ranch has going on: a gorgeous in-ground pool and hot tub. The nabe is known for these most pleasant (and hazardous) combos. The ask: $479,900.

57 S Wynstone Dr, North Barrington
The last of our selections is another suburban find, a whopping 7,000-square-foot short sale designed in an English manor style. The place is chock full of goodies, from its cherry kitchen to its screened porch to its vaulted ceilings and fireplaces. Beneath it all lurks a full-fledged Irish pub with Guinness and Harp on draft! The ask: $615K.