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Wooden Skyscraper Vision Plays With Land Along South Branch

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Prototypical wooden skyscrapers (or, 'woodscrapers') are making headlines around the world (here's one that has a good chance of getting built). Multi-story wooden buildings aren't anything new, but realistic aspirations for heights of 20, 30, 40 stories certainly are. Inhabitat's Mark Boyer—and Curbed Chicago's dear founding editor—put an especially wild wooden tower concept on display yesterday. The brainchild of architect Michael Charters, the 30+ story building, fiendishly named "Big Wood", has its sights set on the large vacant parcel between River City and Harrison along the South Branch. Charters' design won honorable mention in this year's eVolo Magazine Skyscraper Competition. And, just in case it ever gets a serious tending-to, the concept draws up a mixture of uses involving residences, retail, a library, community park, and a higher education component. Sustainability in building materials is integral to this exercise, as wood continues to store carbon long after the tree is gone.
·Michael Charters' Big Wood Skyscraper is a Sustainable Alternative to Steel and Concrete Buildings [Inhabitat]