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Here Now, The Converted Urban Dairy Lifestyle

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Another relic of small-grain neighborhood industry has turned to fancy housing. These little structures were once everything from soda pop factories to industrial garages. This conversion isn't nearly as flashy as the aforementioned. But the once was a dairy narrative is pretty good. The brand new conception has the ground floor the beneficiary of an open floor plan with 9'-13' ceilings and oversized windows. There's a respectable kitchen with a patterned backsplash print possibly meant to riff off of Jersey cow hides. Three of the four bedrooms are on the ground level, allowing for a whopper of a second floor master suite (featuring custom windows, marble bath, deck, and fireplace). There's no garage at the moment, but the 50-foot-wide lot should accommodate any such added extravagance. The ask? $925K.
·Listing: 1758 W Barry Ave. [Coldwell Banker]