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Chicago Debut of Rentenna Touts Building Rankings, Apt Lists

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The well-established rental search engine Rentenna has graduated from Beta here in Chicago, officially launching its database of buildings and listings today (Boston got in the game too, as did D.C. earlier this year). Instead of a traditional neighborhood and unit-type driven apartment hunt, these guys are analyzing building quality on a 100-point scale and clustering available listings under each address. The Rentenna Score is based on "information gathered across the web. It includes renter ratings, neighborhood, value, landlord complaints, amenities and more." How very mysterious and magical.

The process begins, of course, with selection of a neighborhood and/or rent range, but from there the 18,000 rated buildings (at launch) take front billing. This means renters can happily sit out the dance involving a medley of buzzy property management sites. There's also a "pin-board" component that lets users organize properties and "share user-created collections of rental buildings with their roommates," per the press release. You can also use Rentenna's mobile app to stalk your favorite NYC celebs when in that city for a Broadway show or hot pretzel, and, presumably Chicago A-listers and fame whores at some point down the road. We can already see the armies of paparazzi massing.
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