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Pair of Edgewater Throwaways Slated For Rental Conversion

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A 42-unit market rate apartment proposal is advancing in Edgewater, set to repurpose vacant one- and three-story buildings at 5427-37 N Broadway. Sensible enough, considering the smaller building is fire-damaged and the larger has been neglected for a very long time. Handsome, too. According to Edgeville Buzz, the latter had been targeted for loft condo conversion at one point. The former was Pepitone's Restaurant until 2008. Instead of bulldozing the little guy, the developer of this site will simply add three levels of housing above, giving the side-by-side structures a shared roofline. Hanna Architects is commissioned for the project, which hopes to commence in late 2013 with completion in early 2015. Alderman Harry Osterman held a preliminary ward meeting to review the plan last week, and another get-together is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12 at Unity Lutheran Church at Balmoral/Magnolia. Tip 'o the hat to Spyguy at Skyscraper Page.
·Potential Development for Long Empty Broadway Building [Edgeville Buzz]