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Glashaus Revisited as Rental in the South Loop

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In late January we reported on reinvention at the former Glashaus condominium development site at 1333 S Wabash. A new plan by CMK Companies seeks to tap the public's goodwill toward the Brininstool + Lynch designs for the fallen Glashaus proposal by reenlisting the firm with only slight modifications to the renderings (OK, and the foundation is already partly in place for such a building). The changes come primarily to the arrangement of balconies and size of the parking podium, which has been scaled down to three stories and 210 spaces, according to intel from Skyscraper Page. Unit count (268) and height (289') are virtually unchanged, and the building is being conceived for easy condo conversion down the road. The new Planned Development (PD) leaves an existing three-story structure untouched and points to an early 2015 completion.
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