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Extra-Wide Timber Loft Favors Hardwood Walls Over Floors

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This oh-so-lofty loft in River North has been on and off the market since April 2010. First asking $2.1M, the price dipped to $1.8M last summer and has bounced back up to $1.879M in this week's re-listing. The listing is justifiably boastful of the unit's 45-foot-wide living spaces adding up to a total of 4,000 square feet. The loft's walls are another major feat, of imagination: alternating exposed brick and African mahogany planks. The appliances and mechanicals more than match the price point, including "smart home" integrated technologies (i.e. sound, lighting, security). And the place isn't overloaded with beds and baths— there's three of each. There's also a south-facing balcony, and every kinkster's favorite: a swing set, generously installed as the living room's centerpiece.
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