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For $2.5M: An At-Risk Edward Dart-Designed Modernist Ranch

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Edward Dart's very productive but short career included the design of some 52 custom houses, two dozen churches, and his crowning achievement— Water Tower Place. At the peak of his powers in 1959 he built this stunner in Highland Park, which PrairieMod found sitting on the market. While a healthy 4,400 square feet, the house alone wouldn't be asking $2.495M if it weren't for a secondary habitable 2,700-square-foot structure and a total of 4.88 acres. That's what makes this sale a risky proposition. Even though Plan Commission approval would be required, the land is theoretically available for subdivision. According to Coldwell Banker realtor Julie Deutsch, schematics exist for 4-, 5-, and 8-lot subdivisions. And one could see the allure on land opposite the Botanic Garden.

On to the home itself: the contemporary ranch has some of the most fascinating ceilings we've ever laid eyes on, composed of undulating raw wood. Then there's the interior forest, supported by a cluster of sunlights and walls of windows. The flooring is richly varied and so are the furnishings. The search is on for a preservation-minded buyer.
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