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Former Carriage House w/ 'Bird Sanctuary' Lists For $1.39M

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Originally built as a carriage house in Old Town Triangle, strange and electrifying things have happened relatively recently to this broad 4-bed structure. When we say strange we're mostly referring to the interiors which are a schizo blend of contemporary and old-and-crusty. The library has some very handsome built-ins, antique furniture, and a chandelier. The lounge also has these attributes, except there's a skylight and recessed lighting. And the living and dining rooms pair some unfortunate furniture and blotchy wallpaper with salon-style art displays and fancy cabinetry. Yes this could be called "character", but it might just as easily be called confused.

There's none of this nonsense in the walled exterior spaces, however, which boast overflowing gardens, sculpture, water elements, and a partially-covered patio area. The listing also notes an "actual wildlife bird sanctuary", which presumably just means birds favor the plantings. The listing includes a number of blurry pictures, some with intruding inhabitants. Another day and with another property, we might have singled them out for ridicule. But, alas, this place is just too darn nice. New-to-market, the asking price is $1.39M.
·Listing: 217 W Menomonee St. [Koenig & Strey]