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Cavort With Midcentury Missteps At This Gold Coast Condo

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An estate sale at the The Carlyle has presented this consortium of mad decor on the 7th floor. Obviously, the usual circumstances of an estate sale are anathema to careful staging or renovation. And so, you get an honest snapshot of a person's home life... and what often amounts to a time warp of museum-like interiors. This 3,050-square-foot 3-bed has had just one owner since the building opened in 1964, and it feels like a laboratory of tacky wallpaper, curtain, and carpet application. The space has some selling points, for sure: large windows, French doors, a library (sans the 60s wood paneling), ornate wood floors, and two terraces. Listing in November for $1,399,000, the ask is down a touch to $1,350,000. Assessments are a rather big blow at $1,983/month.
·Listing: 1040 N Lake Shore Drive, Unit 7C [Koenig & Strey]