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140-Year-Old Kenwood Italianate Steps Down Its Ask by $900K

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In a Curbed face-off last April, our readers chose a modern penthouse at The Contemporaine over this vintage treasure in a landslide. Then again, it's kinda hard to fathom spending $3.4M to live in Kenwood— charmed and dignified though it may be. But $900K in price chops, and a new ask of $2.5M, means it's time to pay the property another visit. Oddly enough the penthouse just slashed its ask to $2.5M as well, so the face-off is still alive! The 1873 C.S. Bouton House, officially the oldest in the 'hood, weighs in at 5,000 square feet with six beds and four-and-a-half baths (a ridiculous number in its day). The renovated and preserved spaces are tremendously attractive, although there's a little unevenness when it comes to the kitchen and some of the baths. The home has high ceilings, hardwoods throughout, fireplaces in nearly every room, tall windows, a master w/ dual walk-in closets, and a finished lower level. The yard is a match with a patio, large lawn, basketball court, treehouse, and vegetable garden. How much more of deal can be expected with this one?
·$3.4M Face-Off: Kenwood Manse v. Near North Penthouse [Curbed Chicago]
·Listing: 4812 S Woodlawn Ave. [Koenig & Strey]