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Hyde Park Contempo, A Geometric Patchwork, Lists For $2.1M

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This Hyde Park wild child was loosely modeled on a traditional foursquare (per the architect), but departs in unexpected ways. Most of the experimentation is in window configuration (all over the goddamn place) and ceiling heights (from normal to 15-foot). When you reach the top floor master bedroom, the facade rounds off in a protruding semicircle with a large street-facing terrace. This is David Swan's Sklarsky Residence, commissioned in 1982 as the first of a trio of houses on adjoining Kimbark Avenue lots built for private clients. It measures 4,000 square feet and supplies six bedrooms and five full baths. Waves of upgrades have brought a gourmet kitchen, marble baths and floors, and a cedar-paneled finished basement into the fold. There are also two porches, two decks, a wood-burning fireplace, and a heated greenhouse. Slammin'. The ask: $2.1M. And watch the funny stuff, the seller is a licensed broker.
·Listing: 5748 S Kimbark Ave. [Century 21]