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LP Contempo w/ Floating Staircase, Greenhouse Asks $1.5M

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On Lincoln Park's ever-lovely Burling Street, contemporary infill sometimes pairs weirdly with 19th century row homes. This early 80s 4-bed does it better in terms of scale and materials. According to listing agent Keith Weinstein of @properties, architect Marvin Ullman designed the 3,000-square-foot modern home for himself but sold it to the present seller a year later. 30+ years in the hands of one owner makes for a pretty solid endorsement. Now for ours. The open floor plan orchestrates the primary rooms in an intersecting pattern moving out from the showy floating staircase. Brushed steel fireplaces give off that clean industrial furnace look, and an "amazing" amount of sun and light is obtained by the greenhouse window wall and double-height glass block wall. There's also oak floors throughout and a finished basement with bedroom and storage. The ask: $1.5M.
·Listing: 2249 N Burling St. [@properties]