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Meeting To Discuss EMC Site Proposal; Moving Trends; More

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CurbedWire is a roundup of reader-submitted development and real estate gossip around Chicago. Got something on your mind? Drop a line to We want to hear about it.

EDGEWATER— A press release informs of a meeting this Wednesday, Feb. 6th at 7:00 to discuss an unidentified proposal for the Edgewater Medical Center site at Ashland & Hollywood. There's been a movement for a new West Edgewater Park for some time, and a residential development had also been floated. Reps from the Department of Housing & Economic Development will join Ald. Patrick O'Connor in leading the meeting. [CurbedWire Inbox]

EVERYWHERE— has released survey results on expected moving trends for renters, presented here in a handy-dandy info graphic. The survey's 1,300 participants, all current renters, were asked what their near-term plans were in the housing market, why they might be moving, why they rent now if they were once homeowners, and what their living arrangements were. It's a decent snapshot of the moment, if nothing else. [CurbedWire Inbox,]

EVERYWHERE— The 19th Annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards arrive next Wednesday the 13th. It's the nation's only juried competition for architects, developers, organizers and other professionals who devote their energies to bettering neighborhoods, per the media advisory. This year's expanded definition of 'healthy neighborhoods' will focus as much on access to fresh foods, health care, and employment as it does brick and mortar development. Check out last year's results. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LAKEVIEW Defenders of single-room occupancy hotels will rally this Sunday the 10th to protest the loss of affordable housing in Lakeview. The prime target is Jamie Purcell, who purchased five SROs in recent years with the intent of rehabbing and raising rents. According to the media advisory, rents have doubled where Purcell has completed rehabs. Says Erin Ryan, Lakeview Action Coalition board president: "We need Mr. Purcell and our Aldermen at the table with us to create viable solutions for preservation of affordable housing in these buildings." [CurbedWire Inbox]