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West Town's Prefab Pioneer Hits The Market For $750K

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Offered up for the first time since commissioned as a new-build, the prefab home at 1404 W Ohio Street—Chicago's first—is asking $750K. This very special construction, albeit smaller than a lot of West Town single-fams, is a lovely space that took Square Root Architecture + Design but weeks to preassemble and site. Curbed has followed this piece of history from its inception, so it's a jolly 'ol time seeing it transition to the open market— not unlike launching your kid into the world.

LEED Platinum certified, the sustainable features are numerous. Those that also serve to jazz up the spaces include hickory and cork floors, 2-story "light well", and solar panels. The 3-bed, 2.5-bath home looks like modular construction from the street, but feels pretty normal within. If there's one regrettable observation, from having visited the site, it's the pair of 3-flats that crowd and bully the considerably smaller home. If anything, this project was a valuable demo for efficient prefab and size restraint that will hopefully catch on.
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