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Wright's Side-by-Side Bootleg Homes Each Take $200K Chop

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Remember those "bootleg" and tandem Frank Lloyd Wright houses that hit the market last fall in Kenwood? Recently, both took $200K price chops. The side-by-side 1892 commissions, built while Wright was still technically beholden to Louis Sullivan, look nothing alike as the young architect was still several years from really finding himself. Known as the Warren McArthur (4852 S Kenwood) and George Blossom (4858 S Kenwood) Houses, both are ruminative variations on period styles: the former, Victorian; the latter, neoclassical. Square footage is identical at a meaty 5,000, and each comes with a coach house. Deliberate restoration isn't a necessity, but each home could benefit from it. That's why it surely helps to be a "Wright enthusiast" when embarking on this sort of purchase— $1.288M spent (an extra $10K for McArthur), with painstaking improvements in your future. But first, will there be more slippage?
·Listing: 4852 S Kenwood Ave. [Coldwell Banker]
·Listing: 4858 S Kenwood Ave. [Coldwell Banker]
·Two Bootleg Wright Homes List For $1.48M Apiece in Kenwood [Curbed Chicago]