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Cornerspotted: Potomac Apts at Michigan & 30th, Both Gone

The compromised architectural legacy of South Side nabes, from Bronzeville and Douglas to Englewood and Woodlawn, is a regularly mourned fact. And it seems like the 1905 photo of the Potomac Apartments at the corner of Michigan & 30th emotionally impacted the readership. It's true that one shouldn't romanticize an entire era of architecture, but there sure were some then-routine buildings worth saving. This one, and the way it held the now-extinct corner, passes the eyeball test at least. There isn't a lot of literature on the Potomac, so it's hard to know how revered it was in its day. Signs point to not enough. Yep, we found the photo on the wonderful pictorial blog Calumet 412 but our selections are from disparate sources including Old Chicago, Chuckman's Collection, and the WBEZ columns of John R. Schmidt and Lee Bey— just to name a few. There's really no discernible pattern.
·Hint: A Grand Apartment Block On An Erased Corner [Curbed Chicago]