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Odd South Shore Home Built With Roaring '20s Lavishness

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Looking an awful lot like a Mediterranean monastery, this beguiling South Shore four-bed is a treasured component of the neighborhood's unsung architectural riches. If looks like something with a grander purpose, that's probably intentional. Architects Betts, Holcomb & Baron were early movie theater specialists, buildings that often seek to evoke another era and civilization. Built in 1925, the home has a European-style enclosed courtyard with a long portico perfect for deliberate pacing. The entryway and stairs have their original slate flooring, the basement family room has a wet bar and "irreplaceable terrazzo floor", beamed ceilings fill the main and lower levels, and a two-year renovation delivered a new kitchen, new baths, mechanicals, and restored windows. It also delivered an enormous price hike over the February 2011 sale: from $320K to $680K.
·Listing: 7000 S Constance Ave. [MetroPro]