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Celebrity Real Estate

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Vince Vaughn has done the unthinkable and taken his Palmolive penthouse off the market. Gasp! The comedic actor may not have wanted his home listing relegated to tragicomedy, since he had already slashed nearly $8M off the initial $24.7M asking price. It's the opinion of outside brokers, speaking with Crain's, that Vaughn may well attempt a private sale or just wants some time to re-stage and/or renovate before re-listing: "You flip through the big sales and it's never through the listing agent," says Mary Bennett of Koenig & Strey. Sales of $15M and $12.25M were registered in the past couple months, and 2012 went down as the most robust year for high-end sales since 2008. Here's hoping Vaughn's triplex returns to MLS with pictures. [Crain's, previously]