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'Newer' Northwest Side Ranch Is One Hellish Color Swatch

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In the west Albany Park/ north Mayfair vicinity, few homes are separated by their curb appeal. You have enter the modest abodes for any and all surprises. This 1980s ranch on a cul-de-sac is a fair bet for the price: $259K for a 1,100-square-foot four-bed. But you'd better bring the shovels for all the decor that needs purging. Odd though the furnishings are, they wouldn't be as troubling without the Japanese-themed blotchy red wallpapering and assorted hangings, plus a horrible table cloth or two. This amplification of bad taste sweeps through the hallway, bathrooms (where it turns purple), and at least one bedroom. A workshop/office space somehow was deemed the perfect place for a mounted deer head. And a heap of pottery, bad lamps, and lawn ornaments defines the back patio. We didn't bother including the normal looking, inoffensive rooms which would only serve to tamp down our war cry. Because, let's be honest folks, this place is rather hideous!
·Listing: 4874 N Kruger Ave. [RE/MAX City]