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Uptown Residents Ready to Put Up a Fight for Cuneo Hospital

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Prentice isn't the only Midcentury Modern Chicago hospital building that has preservationists all worked up. If JDL Development and Harlem Irving Companies get their way the 1957 Edo Belli-designed Cuneo Memorial Hospital on the vacant Maryville Academy's Uptown campus will be razed to make way for the proposed $220 million "Maryville" residential project, DNAinfo reports. The property currently has no historic protections, but Jonathan Fine of Preservation Chicago says Uptown residents hoping to save and reuse the building reached out to him following a zoning and development committee meeting on Jan. 28th at which he spoke in support of the building's preservation. Another meeting happened last night, so we await the fallout. Among the potential alternative—and as of yet, unfunded—uses for the space Fine and other preservation advocates have suggested are workforce housing, a community center, or a history museum. Other involved residents and officials remain skeptical. As the Prentice debacle so bluntly instructed, it's hard to stop a moving train.
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—Gwendolyn Purdom