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New-Build Takes Place of Meat Distributor, Asks $1.8M

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Sold at the end of summer as an abandoned meat distributor, this Lake View lot received the ultimate makeover this past fall from RD Precision. A new five-bed ultra-contempo has appeared, asking $1.8M. With an alluring asymmetrical frontal facade, home theater with built in mood lighting (not sure blue alone will do it), sauna, and wine cellar, the only space given over to butchery is the fridge. The home also registers hardwood flooring, shapely Tim Burton-esque fireplaces, the bizarre impression of a wall that's been woven, marble master bathroom, balconies and, of course, a rooftop deck. Listing in November, it has de-listed and re-listed twice. Here's to new beginnings.
·Listing: 1244 W George St. [Sergio & Banks]

—Zachary Hyman