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A Narrated Cruise Along the Early 1980s Ravenswood 'L'

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WBEZ's John Schmidt, inspired by colleague Lee Bey's posting of a 1970s ride on the Dan Ryan Red Line, dug into his own amateur video archives to find a 1981 shoot of the Ravenswood "L" (Brown Line). Schmidt then, cleverly, layered a present day narration onto the 8-minute southbound clip from Belmont to The Loop. For anyone who has never imagined the area immediately south of Armitage encompassing North/Clybourn as ratty and half-abandoned, here's your chance to glimpse another world. Other altered sights include old pre-renovation stations like Belmont and Fullerton and the innovative AB skip stop express service which the CTA phased out from 1993-95.
·1981 Brown Line Ride [WBEZ]