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Asking Price on Dewes Mansion Unexpectedly Hiked by $2.6M

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In a brazen show of confidence the owner of Lincoln Park's Dewes Mansion, developer Fred Latsko, has lifted the ask on the 12,000-square-foot home from $9.9M to $12.5M. Price hikes of this magnitude are pretty darn scarce, and one can only assume the witnessing of other astronomical sales nearby—one as high as $15M—factored into the decision (even though other opulent listings tanked). Most startlingly, the property has been on the MLS for about two years, and was quietly available for a few years prior. Built in 1896 for brewing magnate Francis J. Dewes, size is not what separates this landmark from other mansions of the era. Intricate ornament and thick layers of precious finishes offer an almost-unparelleled and impenetrable show of wealth. The home has seven beds and eight baths, but an entire floor is given over to the master. This being East Lincoln Park, generous backyards are hard to procure. The large cobbled patio will have to do. Wanna really get inside this thing to see if it's worth eight digits? Check out the YoChicago video tour.
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