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An irreverent 9,500-square-foot mansion dangling over the Glencoe lakeshore has finally sold, for barely one-third of 2007's initial $8.2M ask. The home's inflexible style may have severely wounded its market value, as listing agent Susan Maman suggests to Chicago Mag's Dennis Rodkin in saying "it needed a more transitional look." The bizarro furnishings that helped firm up the idiosyncrasies left with the owners, a departure which may have helped with buyer visualization. Even without furnishings, garnering interest was a problem. The interiors have a built-in curvaceousness riddled with odd mosaics, triangular window cuts, and "cartoonish" cabinetry. The bluff-top terrace harnesses its spectacular environment but can't resist throwing in a ticklish railing and staircase. Ah well, most people are prudes. [Chicago Mag, previously]