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Snubbed Hancock Condo a Chance to Live Above the City

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This 91st floor 2/2.5 condo is more than nine-tenths of the way to the tippy-top of the Hancock. In fact, it's mostly just tourists above. So what exactly has earned it a lukewarm reception in its nearly contiguous 18 months on the market? Superficially, at least, there aren't any glaring issues with the space (if you think you'd like a balcony at this height, think again). And if there were anything truly off, the asking price would've slid more than $34K in all this time. It now stands at $945K. At 1,750 square feet, it's no shoebox either. One potential issue are the assessments: $1,567/month. That's high for a two-bed condo no matter how you slice it. Obvious assets are the north views from nearly every room, virtually immune to future blockage. High ceilings are a nice companion. Bamboo floors, crown molding, and "designer" lighting also cradle the space, and each en suite bedroom has a walk-in closet and stone bath. This mother is so high in the sky, you actually have to travel down 46 floors to reach the "sky lobby" swimming pool.
·Listing: 175 E Delaware Place #9103 [Coldwell Banker]

John Hancock Center

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