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Bad Mouthing

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Forbes' 20 Most Miserable Cities list is a real fiasco. But, alas, Chicago gets bad mouthed on the national stage from time to time. One can't take it too personally. Forbes' claim is that Chicago is the fourth most miserable city to live in, based largely on weather, commute, the housing market, and out-migration. Those are reasonable considerations and we suppose Chi didn't impress in the tax and crime departments, either. But somehow, this lens produces a laughably skewed list that has super-wealthy Lake County in the top ten, Gary at #19 (15 slots less miserable than Chicago!), and other treasures like Toledo, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Camden faring better as well. Another silly move is the intermingling of small cities, suburbs, and large cities. What exactly are we to glean from this? [Forbes]