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Cornerspotted: State & Randolph, One Time Site of Adler's Central Music Hall

Almost forgot to close out this edition of Cornerspotter! Couldn't have said it better than BWChicago: the preceding image is indeed "Dankmar Adler's Central Music Hall at State & Randolph, now Marshall Field's (or whatever they call it now)." Built the year before Adler's short-lived partnership with Louis Sullivan, in 1879, the acoustically and architecturally glorious structure was demolished in 1900 in order to build a greatly expanded Marshall Field department store. The mixed-use building housed the first substantial post-Fire theater in addition to six floors of offices and street-level retail. The building was a proving ground for certain design elements that Adler reproduced and refined for the 1890 Auditorium Theater. A granite column from the Central Music Hall's State Street entrance was preserved and planted at Adler's grave.
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