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Park Place Duplex w/ Broad Views, 3 Balconies Asks $1.4M

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This river-hugging duplex condo at 600 N Kingsbury enjoys features that elude the tower's upper floors: double-height windows that cut through both levels, and a cluster of balconies. The home has a lobby-like feel owing to the pervasive broad and high windows, high ceilings, spread of furnishings, and substantial views. The unit also comes with a built-in office, two lofted bedrooms (another on the main level), its own 4-car garage, storage unit, and wine cellar. New-to-market, the asking price is $1.4M with a stinging monthly assessment of $1,918! We may be revisiting this one a year down the road.
·Listing: 600 N Kingsbury St. #306 [@properties]