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Progress at Webster Square's First Apartment, Retail Phase

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Our readers implored us to check in with Lincoln Park's Webster Square development, and so we did. Last we looked, Sandz Development was getting set to broach its first stage of construction: the conversion of the hospital structure at Webster and Larrabee to a 75-unit rental building and the rebuilding of the low-lying parking garage as a grocery store(?) with additional retail (a new garage will be sited behind the main residential buildings). That work is underway, but it's hard to tell just how rapidly. The six-story structure at the corner of Webster and Geneva shows signs of working its way to apartment conversion. The back side of the lot has been chewed up by backhoes, and the future 120-unit condo structure has seen its lower facade peeled away. Holes have also been dug for a set of eight townhomes along Grant Place. The condos and townhomes belong to a later stage of development with expected completion sometime in 2014-15. The rental component is targeting completion later this year.

Sandz also recently closed up the skeletal remains of a parking structure that it will lease to undisclosed tenants. New brick is wrapping the building which runs some distance down Webster. Fresh Market was released from its agreement last year after the nature of development shifted from offices to condos, and a secondary rental building was nixed in favor of the townhomes. Clinching city approval in May 2011, numerous tweaks and wholesale changes have arrived since. Will this be the last word on Webster Square?
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