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Rebori-Goldberg Mansion Returns to Market in Gold Coast

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The Andrew Rebori-designed and Bertrand Goldberg-reconfigured mansion at 1328 N State Pkwy is back on the market after an 18 month breather. Also known as the Florsheim Mansion for Lillian Florsheim, the shoe heiress and sculptor who bought the place from Rebori in 1946, the eclectic structure dates to 1938. Florsheim's son-in-law just so happened to be Goldberg, who was brought in in the mid-50s to convert the multi-unit structure to a single-family. He did so by devising a long galley kitchen joining the main building with another wing (a coach house, if you will) at the second floor level. The coach once housed Florsheim's art studio and a society party or two. Former MCA director Robert Fitzpatrick owned the home from 1998 to 2006.

The current owner began working toward a sale in the summer of 2010, listing the 4,500-square-foot five-bed for $2.5M. By the time it de-listed in September 2011, the ask had slipped to $1.999M. Time away has permitted the seller to repost the property at $2.199M. The home is "full of glorious light" and "soaring ceilings" which help ensure the sculptural dwelling is livable. Rebori's trademark glass block walls permeate the interiors, the living room has a double-height ceiling, built-in shelving, and a fireplace, and the bathrooms possess, well, a certain flair. We'll let the pictures do the talking.
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