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For $2M: Kenwood Mini-Manse w/ Large Antique Rooms

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Re-listing after five years is this buxom Kenwood mini-mansion, reporting some 6,000 square feet with seven beds and six baths. The rooms are of monumental scale and many retain elements of the 1914 design— oak floors, stained glass windows, French doors, and wainscoting. Ditto the second floor terrace. Others, like the kitchen, are, mercifully, a lot newer. Some rooms could use updating, and while the yard includes a deck and late brick patio it leaves cars out in the cold. The architect was Horatio Wilson, builder of mansions and the old home of Chess Records on Motor Row. The ask? An even two mil.
·Listing: 4907 S Kimbark Ave. [MetroPro Realty]