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Buy a Restored & Enhanced Sliver of Mies' 880 LSD for $185K

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Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe's 860-880 LSD, also known as the "Glass House" apartments, was the prototype for International Style steel and glass towers. The pair is no aesthetic treat in the eyes of many, but their broad influence buys them a pass. And they're definitely superior to Mies' 900-910 LSD Many of the units we've seen on the market exhibit an owner's quest to fortify their space's connection to the overall building, or at least answer Mies' formal statements with resonate decor. This sometimes results in subdued interiors, or, conversely, very loud colors, and sometimes just the right balance of personality. This inexpensive one-bed co-op fits the latter. Newly listed for $185K, the 785-square-foot 6th floor space has had an "architectural renovation" that brought in parquet floors, a gleaming kitchen, and a restored original bathroom. There's also a "grand foyer/office" and a hard-to-fathom "oversized living room/dining room" combo. It's pretty decent but let's not get carried away.
·Listing: 880 N LSD #6G [Koenig & Strey]