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For $989K: Modern Showpiece Meets Vintage Neo-Gothic

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This is what can happen when a unit is deprived of its building's the wrong side of its building signature architectural feature. Instead of reveling in the cathedral windows and ceilings of some of 20 E Cedar's condos, you're faced with a more standard floorplan. And then, the rehab bug takes hold. One can tell this space was reworked with considerable investment, but there's little to signal its privileged address in one of the Gold Coast's most grandiose prewar buildings. The 3/2.5, 2,400-square-foot space tops the 1929 Fugard & Knapp building and includes a "dream kitchen", custom moulding, hardwood floors, wet bar, and built-in surround sound. And the seller is throwing in five flatscreen TVs. But will they be throwing in that bronze figure beckoning to you from the end of the hall? That's what we want to know. Lasting selling in April 2011 for $817K and now listed for $989K, the flip is on.
·Listing: 20 E Cedar St. #9D [Urban Real Estate]