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Jumbo Andersonville Foursquare Joins Rental Market for $5,800

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The Edgewater Community is arguably king of the foursquare, with dense pockets of the all-American housing style in Andersonville and Lakewood-Balmoral. We spent some time with this gut rehabbed historic home last summer when it made loud gestures to us from the MLS. Listed for $1.25M at that time, the 5,000-square-foot six-bed departed the for-sale market in September. It's back this week as a rental property, asking $5,800/month. Not too terrible when you account for the preponderance of far smaller and simpler spaces asking this and more in higher rent districts. We didn't exactly gush over the interiors on our last inspection, calling out the high-end kitchen for its monochrome and the master bath for debauched design. Structural elements like high ceilings, skylights, arched doorways, heated hardwood floors, and front and back porches help the place out a lot. The backyard is nicely conceived, too. All told, the mini-manse rental makes a case for taking a break from homeownership.
·Listing: 1426 W Rascher Ave. [@properties]
·For $1.25M: Rehabbed Foursquare Mini-Manse in Andersonville [Curbed Chicago]