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Developer Goes Taller With Office Plan For Monroe & Jefferson

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We're not calling this a rendering reveal because it's more of a rendering revisiting. Before Fifield Cos had proposed 29- and 26-story office buildings (and then twin 25-story ones) for 625 and 601 W Monroe, respectively, a 600-foot, 42-story tower was on the drawing board. This is that rendering, corresponding to a slightly-tweaked 40 stories and 800,000 square feet. The size of the two-tower plans ranged from one to 1.2 million square feet, so height is being offered in place of area. That's what's important in Steven Fifield's return to a single-tower strategy for this West Loop Gate site. It may or may not look like the repurposed rendering at right, but should incorporate the 601 W Monroe site as a plaza leading up to the tower. Another major variable may influence the look and feel of this development: whether or not demand justifies a 35-story extension with 300 hotel rooms and 450 apartments at some point down the road. Also down the road: revelations on Fifield's dreamy Kennedy Cap, and whether it is just a dream. Thankfully, bids are expected in the next couple weeks with presentations to follow.
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