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The Top Three City Home Sales For The Past Seven Days

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3. This spacious Gold Coast spread listed in October for $1.5M and closed for $1.4M. Not bad. Commenters railed on this important-looking 10-year-old building as "squat", "ill-proportioned", and plain old ugly. "Lipstick on a pig" is how one fancied the space above. We're mostly onside, as it's hard to take a condo into consideration without visiting the multi-unit context. Taken at face value, this 3,200-square-foot space is pretty darn nice. It has stone floors, wood floors, fireplaces, plentiful natural light (supplemented by strange mood lighting), a walk-in wine closet, and a terrace. Three parking spaces were also included in the offer. Kicking yourself yet? Better hope for a flip.
·Listing: 1155 N Dearborn Ave. #1302 [Bouchard Properties]
·Wide Open Gold Coast Condo w/ Terrace Lists for $1.5M [Curbed Chicago]

2. To anyone who tells you home prices are universally up in Bucktown, point to this modern mini-manse. Listing for $2.73M in 2009, a price chopping frenzy and multiple re-listings brought the ask down to $1.9M by last May. Well, she finally sold: for $1.6M. Granted, new-builds are a little harder to price owing to their lack of sales history. But this builder missed by a mile. And it's a little surprising that a home of such whimsical design, great spaces, and accommodating girth (6,500 sf) didn't fetch a bit more on a solid Bucktown block. But wait, despite boasting three outdoor decks there's no yard to speak of. It's a tighly packed lot, too. And you never can tell how many corners were cut. These factors count for something.
·Listing: 1759 N Wilmot Place [@properties]
·Price Chop Madness for 4-bed Contempo Stunner [Curbed Chicago]

1. The week's big boy is a 6/5 new-build in the Southport Corridor. Built last year by Savane Properties, it claims to bring "all the bells and whistles." We chose to work the photo gallery in reverse, since the backyard's deck and patio agglomeration deserves the most attention. It's one of those spaces that makes you think you're on the cast of Real Housewives, or just at a really hoity-toity restaurant. The interiors are not memorable but they're sure they'll appease the right buyer. Listing in January 2012 for $2.7M, the builder actually saw a slight uptick to $2.75M.
·Listing: 3735 N Greenview Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]