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A Hyde Park Georgian is Rebooted, Wants A Lot More Dough

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This six-bed Georgian in Hyde Park offers a whole lot more than it did as a fixer-upper in 2009. Mold and water damage were traded for ornate built-ins, chef's kitchen, finished attic, skylights, new plank hardwoods, a master suite w/ walk-in and balcony, and sparkling bathrooms. Built in 1902, the lake-proximate seductress is listed for $1.225M— almost triple the 2009 sale price. The only obvious imperfection left for a new buyer to wrestle with is the unfinished basement. That oughta nourish the home improvement bug for a while.
·Listing: 5438 S Hyde Park Blvd. [Coldwell Banker]

·Zachary Hyman