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Cornerspotted: An Old Logan CTA Entrance at Kedzie & Linden

It didn't take long for members of the cornerspotting population to sound off on the location of a former CTA station— correctly. Can't put one past the readership. A couple people misfired with guesses like Stony Island & 63rd (old Jackson Park el) and Wilson. But no, the 1976 photo from the previous post showed a soon-to-be-decommissioned entrance for the old Logan elevated tracks at Kedzie and Linden Place. Those tracks went underground in 1970 through Belmont, with a further extension running down the Kennedy to O'Hare. Logan Square was the terminus of the Milwaukee Elevated until this time, and shop structures and rail yards had to be removed along with the tracks and platform. The old entrance building remained for several more years, giving way to a more functional brick structure. The taller building present in the old photo is indeed the Logan Square Auditorium, as one reader correctly identified. Nicely done!
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