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South Works Developer Puts Out Call For Other Developers

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With a 25 to 45-year development timeline, the radical transformation of the former 600-acre US Steel Site into a self-sufficient urban hub of several thousand residents, park space, and many commercial attractions will need more than one developer to execute. That might be why McCaffery Interests has just posted a video calling for other stakeholders in the site. Without a number of major players, an undertaking like this on desolate lands in an undesirable far South location would be foolhardy. It still might be. YoChicago first noticed the video pitch for the Chicago Lakeside Development on YouTube. An excerpt from its accompanying description:

Lakeside presents a game-changing urban ideal for not just Chicago's Southeast lakefront, but for the entire region. With visions for a new, dynamic and diverse community, the site that was once America's largest steel mill will transform into a compelling model for a green, 21st century lifestyle.

Yup, that sure ain't written for you or I but for Joe and Jane Foreign Investor (and a New Yorker or two). Thing is, this isn't the first Lakeside video promo. An earlier iteration, twice the length and more explicit in vision, ran two years ago. This time around, the seven-year-old discussion is presented with greater slickness and directness now that many are familiar with the SOM and Antunovich master plan. No further mention of that LSD extension that some thought would be nearing completion by now.
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Chicago Lakeside Development

E 85th St. and S Green Bay Ave., Chicago, IL