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JGMA Designs Another Enticing Structure in Back of the Yards

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A routine weekend visit to Skyscraper Page turned up a newer design of architect JGMA, flagged by user markh9. The renderings show a 43-unit affordable housing development proposed for 46th & Laflin in Back of the Yards. We stress proposed, although the building, called Casa Nayarit, did show up in Crain's construction pipeline back in November. Local firm JGMA is in love with abnormal development plots, maybe because they're fond of abnormal buildings with very large and unpredictable footprints. Even though the size and height of their institutional designs (i.e charter schools, colleges, community centers) are pretty constant, their playful facades, while organic, are mostly unlike one another.

This prospective development would occupy a triangular parcel near Ashland and a half-mile due east of another JGMA project, the El Valor International inclusion Center. Like that project, the Casa Nayarit commission has a detailed function and specificity. Per the architect:

Along with light glass entrances at the corners, the building articulates its interior program with a series of colored and protruding apertures. The increased density in this development, will help transform the neighborhood creating pedestrian traffic and a better sense of community. There's also a green roof to "replace displaced groundscape", and two small parking lots. Clearly, it's not conjured out of thin air.
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